Into:.. Lifelong, What Does This Term Mean To You? According

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Into: Lifelong, what does this term mean to you? According to lifelong is anything that spans the entire lifetime of an individual. Most of the time this term refers to love, relationships, habits, traditions, and by many politicians their job. Now I know most of you are like I don’t understand you can 't think of a job as lifelong because you do not get to keep a job forever? Well according to many of our Congress men and women it is the complete opposite because there is nothing stopping them from running again and again for the job they have had since their early 30’s. Currently, we have people such as Republican John Dingell of Michigan who, according to has served 57 years and counting as a member of…show more content…
According to in the early 1990’s the American people realized there was an issue at hand so a proposal called the “Contract with America” was proposed by congressional Republicans that proposed a maximum term limit for both the House Representatives and Senators. This term limit was a maximum of twelve years, which was very reasonable says because it allows them to come back into the office to continue projects that these individuals started in the first term as well as give others a chance to run for office. Even though there was an effort to fix the term limit dilemma the “Contact with America” was not passed allowing the problem to fester and grow like cancer. According to, fifteen states did adopt legislation from this contract that put term limits on their congress members, but since it is not written into federal law many politicians continue to run term after term even when their state tells them they can not. With a number of congress members that continue to run for office, we are seeing less and less new ideas to help the American people and more ideas that will help politicians and other countries that are not our own. Now I am not saying that everything has been bad with our current congress, but just think of where we could
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