Into The Great Wide Open Poem Summary

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¨A rebel without a clue¨, straight out of highschool doesn't know what to do but knows he'll be ok with the endless possibilities that Hollywood has to offer. Eddie, a 18 year old rebel straight out of highschool moves to hollywood in spite of a new life or a fresh start doing music and having a great time. “Into The Great Wide Open” a poem written by Tom Petty about a young adult Eddie a 18 year old rebel on a path to change his life and start new with fame and money but it takes a downfall that he doesn't know about. The story of Eddie “Into The Great Wide Open” is about Eddie and the journey he has begun by himself and the upsets and downfalls of Eddie our protagonist. The way the poem/ story of Eddie starts is how he waits for highschool to be over when it's over he moves out to Hollywood where he gets a tattoo and then meet a girl there with a tattoo as well. Him and this girl barely know each other yet they start dating and get an apartment together which they both can afford. His first job in Hollywood is as a bouncer at a nightclub and earns a little money from there on. Then one day his girlfriend taught him some guitar chords and he started to play songs under profile then one day he got a agent and a roadie named Bart that helped him make a record that hits the charts. He made it big he was getting money going to parties meeting movie stars then as he was making what seemed to be his second record his A&R man said “i don’t hear a single” and that's when things
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