Into The Wild: A Narrative Fiction

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The wind wailed while the rain drizzled swiftly on a keen, crisp, airy night. On September 20, 2001 a little, tiny baby boy was brought into this crazy world, little to know he has three older siblings to pick on him. Phyllis and Michael could not help Zack now. Zach lives on a farm, so his siblings are not the only wild animals living on the property. Zach has hurt and injured himself so many times. He was a crazy child when he was younger.
When Zach was younger, he was not an ordinary kid. One time when he was younger he lived in Leavenworth. His siblings went to school at Leavenworth, but Zach was too young to go to school. Another time Zach was playing hide and seek with his siblings when he went to hide in the best spot, he caught his arm on an old, rusty saw blade. His mom was scared to death when he cut his arm, It was only a minor cut, but his mom was
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Zach watches television rarely, but when he does, he gazes at “Supernatural” and “The Walking Dead”. Wonder why he likes creatures like that? Why do the zombies look so real? Zachary is not a stereotype boy. Zach is fifteen and already favors work. Hunting is just one of his many hobbies. Zach slaughtered a massive buck. Zach exclaimed, “It was the biggest I have ever laid my eyes on!” Zachary listens to music while he works. He does not have a favorite type of music, it just depends on his mood. Playing with his dogs, Zach loves to run and play. Zach also likes to ride fourwheelers. He loves his grandad so much. Role model is a big part in Zach’s life. His grandad is his role model. Because his grandad is hardworking, Zach looks up to him. His grandad owned a farm, one day zach hopes to own his own farm. Zach loves to help his father herd cattle and tends to animals. He loves to help his father and help with crops. His role model unfroturily died this past year. His grandad was an amazing guy. Zach will alway love him. Not all the time zach is having
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