Into The Wild By Chris Mccandless Essay

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Into the Wild is a true story based on Chris McCandless’s life. A young, prestigious graduate of Emory University who is found dead at twenty-four years old in the Alaskan wilderness in September 1992. Chris McCandless was very gifted athlete and scholar, and possessed important qualities such as passion, intensity, and high morals. McCandless discovers his father’s fatal secret and it upsets Chris’s whole life as his parents continually hide it from their family. Upon Chris’s graduation from Emory University, he anonymously donates his $25,000 savings to charity, and abandons everything he has ever know including his real name and social security number along the way. Chris McCandless is never to be heard from again as he pursues his dreams of inherently traveling into the wilderness. Jon Krakauer was born on April 12, 1954 to a doctor and amateur mountaineer. Krakauer grew up in Oregon and began mountain climbing at eight years old. Jon Krakauer graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Krakauer’s biggest success is being a journalist with his work being published in some of the most iconic periodicals including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Rolling Stones, National Geographic, and much more. Jon Krakauer devoted most of his free time climbing and spending time outdoors where he then wrote novels about his experiences. Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless, and the novel Into the Wild are all closely related. Krakauer reported having an immediate

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