Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Into the Wild Jon Krakauer’s compelling novel, “Into the Wild” is a true story about Christopher McCandless’ search for identity. McCandless was enamored in the idea of escaping a life that revolves around material possessions. The non-fiction treatment of this young life illustrates through the rebuilding of events in McCandless’ life the idea that McCandless seemed obsessed with how people appeared blind to the fact that they were living unhappy lives yet were terrified of giving up that life because it was safe, provided security and stability. However, for McCandless, nothing was more dangerous to the free spirit within him than that safe secure future. Krakauer with an eye to journalistic detail describes McCandless’ journey using…show more content…
For example, a few months before he embarked on his journey his parents offered him a new car. McCandless not only refused the car but was furious that his parents had even offered to give something like this to him in the first place because he already had a car that ran like a champ, which was a yellow 1982 Datsun B210 with over two hundred thousand miles on it, and anything more luxurious than that would be an unnecessary material item or as he called it, just a thing, it was a good thing he refused that new car because that Datsun without a doubt aided him on his search for identity. Most people have a search for self-identity and the meaning of life but McCandless took it to the extreme. He was so wrapped up in finding himself and his identity that he felt the only way to do just that was to burn all of his money, leave his car in the dessert, and travel all around the country in search of a better place, where the people didn’t place all of their value in material possessions and statuses. Chris even created a fake identity for himself while on his search to find his real one, everyone he met on his journey knew him as Alexander Supertramp as this is the name he chose for himself on his “great Alaskan adventure”. He traveled all over the US and even ended up in Mexico for a couple months but he knew all along that the ultimate destination was the Alaskan wilderness where there was no one because he knew that he
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