Into The Wild Movie Analysis

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I found the movie Into the Wild an amazing accompaniment to the book of the same name. The movie, of course, differs in many places. One of the obvious differences is the point of view of the movie compared to the book. In the book, a story is being told by Krakauer, supplemented with interviews, stories, and reports from various sources such as family members, friends, and even random Alaskans. However, the movie, rather than telling a story that has happened, is showing a journey happening, in the present tense. Although there are interludes and voiceovers that suggest past tense and reflection, the overall movie itself is completely present. Another huge differences is of course that we the viewers get to see Chris in his travels rather…show more content…
While some of his writings were shown, many were not, despite his works being very dear to him. One major flaw was how the movie portrayed Chris telling Franz about leaving his current lifestyle rather than reading it in a letter. I think Chris writing to people was a way for him to say how he felt without having to experience the unpredictable events of the people he was writing to. He also only wrote letters to those very important to him, and with the movie taking away this, it was hard to see the extent of the relationships Chris made with those he met. Another failure to me was that the movie was getting too story like. Although I respect the director for attempting the difficult task of telling the true and haunting tale of Chris very accurately, I also feel as though the director added many spins to make the movie more mainstream hollywood like to sell more and attract viewers to him movie. In the book, Chris is on a journey of self discovery, not interested in love. Although mentioned, Tracy’s character was overplayed at a plot point and a legitimate interest for Chris, however with the same result of Chris not being interested. Another unnecessary added drama was the scene of Walt hitting Billie. Although in the book it was heavily hinted at that the McCandless marriage was not all happiness, spousal abuse was never outright mentioned. I think that this only brought strife to an already grieving
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