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Refuge Can be Found in Many Forms

Maya Angelou said, “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” When Angelou listens to music, she is able to block out her problems and create a space of all her own to escape to. In the same way Angelou finds refuge in music, others can find refuge in different ways too. Because struggles are difficult, it is important to find refuge through locations, activities, or relationships.

Seeking refuge by traveling, or being outside, can make life more enjoyable. While society puts pressure on many young adults today; some can not cope with the responsibilities and will seek refuge. For example, in the book, “Into the Wild”, by Jon Krakauer, a young man,
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For example, when Ayers was diagnosed with schizophrenia, he relied on his love of music to find moments of happiness. Once he left school to live on the streets, he continued to play his violin, and performed requests. Many people tried to help him by giving donations, or buying new strings, however he was the happiest when someone stopped and listened to the piece he was playing, “I doubt there was anyone or anything that could deliver the same peace that music brings him. He was in his sanctuary, eyes half-mast in tribute to the masters.” (Lopez). Ayers was able to find peace in music, but the next example is in the article, “On the Run From Everything but Each Other”, by Christopher Goffard. The author describes how another activity, jumping trains, was a refuge for a teenager named Kuntz. At school, Kuntz was failing most of his classes with incorrigible grades and at home his mom, assuming he had a learning disability, put him down. When he needed support the most he had no-one, especially when he was kicked out of school, as a result, he left his family for the railroads. There he found a makeshift family where he finally felt at ease, “‘The first time I ever got on a train -- it’s unexplainable,’ he said, ‘It’s a feeling of, like, where I belong.’” (Goffard). This family was a mix of kids and teens just like him. Traveling on the trains with his new friends became his home and refuge. While Kuntz and Ayers were able to find refuge in a location, some people might find refuge in
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