Into the Wild Analysis Essay

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Christopher Johnson McCandless walked alone into the Alaskan wilderness with very little equipment and food after traveling to various parts of North America during the course of two years. Regardless of living on his own with not many things for a couple of years, Chris died alone in a bus on the Stampede Trail in Alaska. Author Jon Krakauer wrote a 9,000 word article titled “Death of an Innocent” for the 1993 issue of the magazine Outside. Into the Wild is simply an extension of that article which explains what provoked Chris into living such a life, who he was, and how he died. The author proves to the reader that Chris was an intelligent man by explaining his research about edible plants and his ambition which builds up Chris’s …show more content…
This shows that Wayne Westerberg “was both shorthanded and very busy so [Westerberg] asked McCandless to postpone his departure [but] McCandless wouldn’t even consider it.” Westerberg even offers to buy Chris a plane ticket so that Chris would be able to still make it to Alaska by the time he wanted to and still work an extra ten days. Although Chris refuses saying that it would be cheating by flying, it becomes evident that he gets extremely impatient when even the slightest thing delays him even though Chris does not have a set deadline. Chris is very intelligent and well-educated, and his passion for his Alaska trip helps prove to other people that he is just not doing it on a whim. The author creates Chris’s credibility when Chris keeps his promise of keeping in touch with the people he meets and having the impeccable ability to never quitting once he starts something. Jan Burres and her husband, Bob, liked Chris very much and “when [Chris] left, [Jan and Bob] never expected to hear from him again, but [Chris] made a point of staying in touch.” Over the course of two years, Chris sends Jan and Bob a postcard every month or two. Without getting too attached, Chris is able to keep his promise of keeping in touch which proves that he is reliable. Westerberg claims that Chris “was the hardest worker [Westerberg had] ever seen” for he would do even the dirtiest of jobs
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