Into the Wild - Compare & Contrast Essay

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In the book Into the Wild, characters Chris McCandless, Gene Rosellini and Everett Ruess are all characters with similarities and differences. Each character has a different family background and personality. Every character also had a different experience in the wilderness and way they documented it. Lastly, McCandless, Rosellini, and Ruess all had different ways they died. No individual had the same family background and early experiences in their lives. Each individual also had their own personalities. Chris McCandless was a young and successful college graduate with a job and had money. Oddly, he decided to disappear in response to his father’s misjudgment, giving away his money and overall, became homeless. McCandless could no longer…show more content…
He continued to reject society as an adult and became an outdoorsman and lover of nature. Like McCandless, Ruess also disliked his parents and was close to his siblings (similar to McCandless). Ruess was a poet and when he graduated high school in Hollywood. He quickly disliked the city, and found life in the wilderness. Each individual had unique experiences in the wild, and documented them differently. Chris McCandless lived with very little in the wilderness. He was unprepared. Krakauer used frequent excerpts from Chris's personal journals. Only Chris's final journal entries were written in the first person and were signed with his real name. His final words had a frightening tone. Gene Rosellini also lived with very little. He wished to return to his “natural state.” Rosellini ate berries, roots, and seaweed. He hunted with spears and snares and dressed in rags. Ruess crossed the wilderness of the Southwest on foot, sending letters home to his family in Los Angeles that were filled with wisdom. He experienced lots of physical discomfort during his time outdoors. Each character also had different ways they died. Chris McCandless passed away before he had a chance to return to civilization. Chris died of starvation in the Alaskan wilderness. Gene Rosellini concluded that his attempt to live off the land was a failure after thirty years and then committed suicide by knife.
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