Into the Wild

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In Jon Krakuer's novel Into the Wild, the main character, Chris McCandless, seeks nature so that he can find a sense of belonging and the true meaning of who he is. However, it is the essence of nature that eventually takes his life away from him. At the end of his life, he is discovers his purpose and need of other people. After Chris McCandless death in Alaska, Krakuer wrote Into the Wild to reflect on the journey that McCandless makes. Krakuer protrays McCandless as a young man who is reckless, selfish, and arrogant, but at the same time, intelligent, determined, independent, and charismatic. Along with the irony that occurs in nature, these characteristics are the several factors that contribute to McCandless death.…show more content…
He adds that ‘Alex didn't seem too worried and he wouldn't give an inch. He had an answer for everything I threw at him' (Krakuer 6). If Chris was properly prepared he may have made it out of Alaska alive, rather than dying of starvation. However, he traveled with cheap leather hiking boots, a .22 caliber that was to small for the animals he planned to kill, a ten pound bag of rice, and clothing that was minimal for the types of conditions that he would be encountering. Another contributing factor of McCandless' death reflects his lack of preparation, this includes McCandless need for independence and his"do it all myself" attitude, along with his arrogance. Chris is arrogant because he does not listen to anyone's advice. Anyone that tries to offer Chris advice or help him along the way, he shuns away from. For example, Krakuer states that "Gallien offered to drive him Alex all the way to Anchorage, buy him some decent gear, and then drive him back to wherever he wanted to go.'No thanks anyway, I'll be fine with what I've got'" (Krakuer 6). He was to arrogant and proud to take any advice from other people because he felt that he could manage and survive without their help. Thus, because of his arrogance he walked into the wild ill-supported and paid for it with his life. However at the end of his life, he realized that he did need people to

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