Into the Wild Reaction Paper

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Into the Wild Reaction Paper

Dawn MB Nyberg


Ever wonder what it would be like to be snow-bound, scared, alone, cold and hungry out in the wilderness of Alaska? Christopher McCandless knew and he knew it well; he knew that feeling so well, that he died. I don’t think he was a man with a mental illness or any personality disorders; even though Jon Krakauer states that,”it’s not clear that much of values is learned by reducing Chris McCandless’s strange spiritual quest to a list of pat psychological disorders.”(184) I do, however think Chris lived a life according to his parent’s wishes up until he graduated from Emory University when he decided to become “his own person” and venture out on his own “sabbatical”;
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I also need companionship and love from another human being. I am not able to live without human contact, as he was. I would literally die of depression. Maybe he died of depression, even though as Jon Krakauer states,”that the final journal entry of Chris McCandless where he penned a final adios “I HAVE HAD A HAPPY LIFE AND THANK THE LORD. GOODBYE AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!” (199). I enjoyed reading about Chris McCandless, though I did not care to read so much about Jon Krakauer and what his ventures were. It was like he was trying to “one-up” Chris, and this book was supposed to be about Chris McCandless, so I thought. I thought Krakauer was Arrogant and self-centered and we “little people” seemed beneath him. I may choose to read another book of his to see if Krakauer puts himself as much in that book too. He did keep me interested and I guess that is what is intended by authors. Chris is another story. It is hard for me to say that I don’t like him having five children of my own and three of them being boys each of them having their own strong personalities. Matter of fact, I have one that is a free spirit like Chris. The one thing that I didn’t like about Chris was that he didn’t have respect for authority: the law or the wild. He chose his path in

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