Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

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Story Narrative
"Christopher McCandless (Alex/ Chris) graduates from Emory University and he went on a road trip. Then he decided to leave his family forever.
" A truck driver name Jim Gallien- an electrician- picked up Alex- a hitchhiker- his real name is Christopher Johnson McCandless). The hitchhiker says he is from South Dakota and requests a ride to Denali National Park. Gallien sees Alex as an intelligent young boy that lacks the necessities for surviving in Alaska.
Chris took his yellow Datsun car to Nevada. He donated all his money in the bank to a hunger charity. Then the author skipped to early September in 1992. Five strangers found a bus by a river near the Alaska’s Stampede Trial. The Anchorage couple noticed a bad smell and
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Walt McCandless was stubborn. Chris wrote a letter to his sister to tell her that he will never speak to his parents (idiots) again.
He decided to change route to go to the Gulf of California, so he went by car. He met duck hunters that drove him to the Gulf. Then the author talked about the other hitchhikers: Gene Rosselini, John Waterman and Carl McCunn. They all went to Alaska, just like Chris and died.
After that Chris continued to canoe and got caught by the US officers when he was trying to get back into the US from Mexico. So he spent a night in jail. Krakauer then compared Chris to Everett Reuss. They both changed their names and they both disappeared.
Chris applied for an ID as Alex Supertramp and found a job in Los Angeles. New York Times published about Alex’s death. Jim Gallien and Wayne Westerberg, both think the dead hitchhiker in the news in Alex. Gallien was the last to see him alive. Christopher McCandless's oldest half-brother, Sam, is questioned by the Fairbanks police. Then Sam prepares to tell his father and stepmother the heartbreaking news.
Then Chris went to the Grand Canyon where he met a young German couple. Then he went to get the belongings he buried before. "Jon Krakauer interviews Walt McCandless at home after Chris’s body is recovered. Krakauer discussed the possible causes of troubles between Chris and his parents. According to his parents, Chris was a smart kid who went to an accelerated school program for gifted

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