Into the Woods Review Essay

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Into the Woods What happens once “happily ever after” is over and done with? No one knows if the fairy tale dream continues or if it is over and the reality of the world begins to set in. In the play “Into the Woods”, we see a plethora of literature's favorite fairy tales woven together to teach a lesson on responsibility and getting what you wish for. This production has two separate acts to it, both distinctly different. The first act serves as a continuation of the fairy tale world that we have all come to know, this serves the purpose of immediately connecting the audience to the story being told. In the second act, the entire mood changes and turns very dark and somber. This transition of mood and overall feel of the play is primed…show more content…
Scenic Design took this production to the next level. The way you surrounded the characters in the scene was the only way to change the mood of the play fit for a series of unfortunate events. The “woods” were dark and unwelcoming and let you know right away that this story is going to be taking a negative turn for the worst. The Baker is not in the warmth of his home anymore where he can bake as he pleases, he is in the woods where his own decisions come back to haunt him. It was made a point by the director Robert Gretta to make these feelings of comfort and safety disappear once the plotline takes over. He especially uses hinging trees and prominent lighting to make it seems like tragedy is always around the corner and that is how the audience is expected to feel. Needless to say, he was successful in his endeavor and very clearly displayed a world where fairy tales end. I loved this production of “Into the Woods”, it was a unique look at the fairy tale world that everyone knows and loves. This new and fresh look is what keeps you entertained and interested once you are automatically connected to the famous characters. However for these known characters, this was not a fairy tale it was reality, where everything can fall apart and people not always live “Happily Ever
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