Into the World There Came a Soul Called Ida

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The painting, Into the World There Came a Soul Called Ida was painted by Ivan Albright in 1929-1930. Albright gave the painting to the Chicago Art Institute as a gift in 1977. The painting depicts the sadness of a once young and vibrant woman, facing the realities of getting old. Even though she is beautiful in her own way, the sadness on her face and aging body portrays a grim and depressed woman. The painting is a large painting it is almost five feet tall and four feet wide. It is an oil painting on traditional canvass. The color choice is very dark and gloomy. It serves the purpose of putting the viewer in a somber mood. From the first glance you can tell that this is a sad setting. To some viewers Ida might bring a feeling of…show more content…
The two most obvious things to me that stand out in this work are the texture, and the strong meaning behind the subject matter. Albright was known to be very meticulous in his detail. He was known to have used hundreds of different brushes for a project, some with as little as one hair on them for the finest details, such as the hair strands on Ida's comb. This is all evident in the texture of everything depicted in the painting, but particularly in the detail he paid to Ida's skin. The bulging shape of her legs and face depict far more than the effects of aging alone. They show the decay of one’s body that is prepared to accept death. Albright was so deliberate in his painting, for example he would paint for roughly five hours a day, in that time he would only cover one half of a square inch. Once satisfied he would never return to that spot and make any changes (Hubbard). While everything else in the painting seems to signify death, or doom, the choice of lighting is interesting. It seems to be coming from above from the heavens giving her image a certain aura about her which might signify the possibility of redemption or salvation. The lighting also draws Ida out towards the viewer letting the viewer know that this is the main subject (Donnell). Albright was so attracted to the great painters of Northern Europe; he tried to emulate their work habits in every possible way. For example

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