Intolerance And Tolerance In The Lottery

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"We, as human beings, must be willing to accept people who are different from ourselves." Life without diversity of color, race, religion, beliefs, etc., would be boring. Therefore as diversity expands, learning to reconcile with one another will only enlargened and strenthen today's society Intolerance and tolerance were shown throughout the stories, "The Lottery", "What, Of This Goldfish, Would you wish?", and "American Flag Stands for Tolerance". Each author expressed the many views of discrimination, acceptance, as well as they elaborated upon the common view of.
To properly illustrate my first point, in "The Lottery" the tone is very contemptuous. To brief, the lottery consists of a group of people, each having an equal chance of receiving the winning slip. Receiving this slip results in, obtaining the right to get stoned by the people around them. When the people get elected to get stoned it shows the brutality of human nature, however this method was used so that the plantation of crops remain adequate. Considering in the story, Tessie only speaks out how "unfair" the lottery is when her family is chosen, it displays how she views herself in comparison to others. The observer of this text can infer that if it were someone else stoned or chosen to be stoned she would not have spoken out. For inference in the story, Mrs. Hutchinson says "[clean] forgot what day it was […] and they both laughed softly."(Jackson 28-29) In other words, Mrs. Hutchinson acted as though
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