Intraoperative Room

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During this weeks clinical rotation I was given the opportunity to observe how nurses provide care in the post anesthesia care unit also known as the PACU. The PACU is a place where patients go after receiving surgery and anesthesia. The PACU provides patients with intense observation and care until the patient is stable enough to be discharged home or to another unit in the hospital. Last semester my fellow classmates and I was able to follow patients from the Preoperative area into the intraoperative room. After observing preop and intraop it was nice to be able to observe how care is managed postoperatively. After visualized how invasive many of these surgeries are its nice to know there is a place where patients are cared for until they…show more content…
They were pleasant, and very informative. They did an exceptional job explaining the process of how they perform care. My fellow nursing students and I shadowed Liz a registered nurse with vast experience working in the critical care setting. She had a binder filled with educational information for the students. The binder contained information on respiratory care including ABG interpretations, PostOP nausea and vomiting, and abnormal ECG strips. In-between patient care when we had down time Liz went over the ECG strips with us. She also planned out a scavenger hunt to locate commonly used IV solutions as well has other commonly used equipment. My classmates and I mixed up some of the solutions so Liz explained to us the difference and why it was important to know when and when not to use specific solutions. Liz also created scenarios that nurses frequently come across during patient care in the PACU. We were able to critically think of interventions we would use if we were the nurses caring for this patient. Liz then let us know if we was right or wrong and she then provided us with the rationale as to why we would perform that specific intervention. I believe I learned from these scenarios because she didn’t just give us the answer instead she made us think and then she explained it in a way that I was able to fully
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