Intrapersonal Communication And Self Concept, Perception And Expectation Of Oneself

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Lantolf asserts that intrapersonal relationship is the communication with self or what in social cultural theory termed private inner speech. Intrapersonal commination is the foundation for all communication. It is defined as communicating with one self, thinking and self-talk. Intrapersonal communication involves knowledge, goals, strength, moods, limitations, agitation desires and inspiration. It is frequently for the purpose of clarifying a scheme or to scrutinize a situation. Other time, intrapersonal communication is tackled in order to contemplate upon or acknowledge something. Individually, one must understand or identify who one is and what one think of his/herself in order to successfully communicate with others. In other hand, interpersonal communication is a distinction form of human communication for the purpose of managing relationships (Beebe et al, 4). Three aspects of intrapersonal communication are self-concept, perception and expectation of oneself. In this paper I will identify how my intrapersonal relationship impacts my interpersonal relationship by giving example from my interactions with others using the three aspect listed above as a guideline to reflect on specific areas of strength and areas for improvement in my intrapersonal communication.
Self-concept is a subjective description of what an individual thinks he or she is (Beebe et al, 34). It is the basic for intrapersonal communication. One aspect of self-concept (also called self-awareness) is…
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