Intraspecific Competition of Mung Beans

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Investigating the effect of intraspecific competition on the growth of mung beans Introduction When plants reproduce, size is highly correlated with reproductive. The struggle for reproductive survival among plants is the struggle to grow in the face of competition from neighbours. So the question this experiment asks is how competition affects the growth of plants. A plant growing in a nutrient-abundant environment free from competition will exhibit maximum growth. One way to address this question is to grow the organism alone in controlled environment and grow organisms in another controlled environment in the laboratory. Such laboratory experiments can manipulate population density as well as environmental factors such as nutrients…show more content…
Each pot is named A, B and C. 1 sprouted mung bean is sown in Pot A, 10 sprouted mung beans in Pot B and 25 in Pot C. Ensure that all the seeds are sown in the same level. They shouldn’t be sown too deep or very near the surface of the soil. These pots are then placed in a greenhouse. Ensure the pots are placed in same kind of place, so that the mung beans in the pots receive equal amount of CO2 and light. Water the plants equally on frequent days. When the shoots start to grow, use a straight stick to help the shoot grow in 1 direction After 3 weeks the plants are taken out of the soil and measured for differences. This experiment is carried out twice to obtain an average measure to improve the quality of the statistical data. Variables Independent variable The number of beans per pot is different. There is 1 bean in pot A. 10 beans in Pot B. and 25 beans in Pot C. this is made different to obtain a statistical data of differences between beans in each pot. This affects the dependent variable. Dependent variable This is the observed variable in an experiment whose changes are determined by the presence of one or more independent variables. In this case it is the percentage increase of biomass or growth. Controlled variable These are the variables that will be kept constant throughout the experiment to obtain a fair statistical data. In this experiment the constant variables are volume of soil, nutrients in soil, pH of the

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