Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation

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An organization may have any number of goals, for example, sales growth, market leadership, profit maximization and customer satisfaction. It is clear that an organization will only be successful if employees are performing their tasks at a consistently high level and in line with the company’s objectives. To achieve this, organizations have tended to reward employees who demonstrate this high level of performance and behavior (Gatenby et al., 2008). These rewards may be intrinsic and/or extrinsic. Many theorists have critically discussed the core aspects of employee motivation, concluding that intrinsic and extrinsic rewards will only be motivating if these are of value to the individual. Intrinsic motivation lies in the internal satisfaction of an individual – concerning only the enjoyment of the task itself. Whereas extrinsic motivation focuses on external outcomes, in particular financial rewards (, 2017). In this essay rewards will be regarded as tangible or intangible assets in response to an individual’s achievement (Oxford Dictionaries⎪English, 2017), and motivation will focus on the behavioral aspects of why an individual’s productivity and performance increases.
The extent to which an individual values a certain reward is entirely dependent on their personal preferences and circumstances, as well as the composition of the task. When the reward received is the reward most valued, motivation could increase only to the point where a competitive
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