Intrinsic Benefits of Cooperative Learning Essay

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The effects of cooperative learning on academic achievement are positive and measurable. Student’s continual discussion and summarization of the information allows the child to gain a more solid understanding which leads to higher retention of the material. Also, when a student encounters part of the assignment that he struggles with, his peers shall take on the role of teacher and assist him with overcoming this hurdle. In doing so, the student who may once have failed will now achieve due to the help of his group members. However, a question to be posed is whether cooperative learning provides any further benefits other than academic achievement.
In a typical classroom setting, it has been noted that “interactions between students of
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In fact, upon reviewing the results of his study which included the use of questionnaires, he concluded that students in classrooms which utilized such groups viewed others more positively and overall, the students held more friends. These friendships were stronger as children did not fight as often and there was less bullying. (p.66) With the use of such groups, it is likely that students will learn the concept of cooperation. Because every student has an equal role, each child must learn to rely on his fellow group members to help complete the task. Students learn patience while they listen to others discuss their viewpoint or while sharing their collected information. Opportunities to discover their peer’s perspectives and ideas are readily available. With this in mind, cooperative learning groups can help children to become open minded and at times, empathetic. Compared to students who work competitively, students who work together make choices that are generally more altruistic and helpful to one another. The most critical component cooperative learning has to offer teachers is that of being a mode used in helping students build their self-esteem. Abraham Maslow has theorized that a high self-esteem is one of human kind’s most basic needs and until it is reached, one cannot move forth towards the ultimate goal of self-actualization. Cooperative learning groups can assist in building self-esteem because
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