Intrinsic Motivation Essay

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Intrinsic Motivation

Sometimes a student can be fascinated in a subject and are eager to learn more without outside influence or help. This kind of a situation is when there exists a large amount of intrinsic incentive to motivate a child. It is when a student enjoys an aspect of an activity enough to be motivated within. An intrinsic incentive could arise in any subject of interest such as dinosaurs, famous people, or far off places. However, topics that are learned in schools today do not arouse children since they find the information useless in their everyday lives (Slavin, 2000). The role of personal interest is crucial in a learning situation. It has been proven that a child who is intrinsically motivated tend to make use
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It is crucial to raise the curiosity of the children and show how the material being taught can be useful to them in their daily lives. Children need a reason for learning. They desire a connection between their personal goals and the knowledge being given in the classroom (White, 1997). Recognizing the students’ interests and basing the curriculum on them will provide the teacher with activities that can increase intrinsic motivation to learn. There should be times where students are given a choice about what they will study and in what way they will study the subject (Slavin, 2000). Children need to know that their needs are being met in the lessons and that it provides information of value to them.


Having students participate will increase interest as well. Standing in front of the children and lecturing will not stimulate them at all times. There also is a need for hands-on activities, chances to help the teacher, giving input on lessons, working with each other, some other ways getting physically engaged in the lessons. Students love to be helpful and needed in a classroom. It permits them to show they can be useful and can improve self-esteem (Harris, 1991). An interesting curriculum promotes participation. The archenemy of motivation is boredom. Every teacher has a measure of freedom that needs to be used to create a fascinating curriculum to maximize interest (McDaniel, 1987).
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