Intrinsic Motivation is the Disire o be Successful

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Intrinsic motivation is very important to me as a student who always makes the motivation intrinsic as my morale as a student and as a employees.

Motivation is the driving force to the will and desire to be successful or to achieve something. Motivation can also be said as to the success of a stimulus or stimuli to avoid failure. People with motivation means he has acquired the strength to excel in life either in the world or the hereafter or both.

Motivation comes from the English word which means enthusiastic motivation. Motivation is something that any (or none) in the self and the mind that will determine success or failure in any thing done. Wikipedia defines motivation as a process to promote a behavior in order to achieve certain
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These dimensions is a challenge, an incentive to work to satisfy the interest and curiosity, independent mastery attempts, an independent assessment of what is to be done in the classroom and internal criteria for success.
Students who are more inclined toward intrinsic motivation like a challenging job. They have an incentive to work for the benefit of personal satisfaction from taking care teacher for getting good grades. They prefer to try solve the problem on its own rather than relying on the help or guidance of a teacher. They also adopted a system of mastery goals and standards of evaluation that allows them to make an independent assessment of the success or failure in the classroom without relying on teachers for information or evaluation.
According to Deci (1975), intrinsic motivation can be described as a psychological condition caused when individuals consider themselves capable and able to decide things by themselves. A person suffering from high intrinsic motivation should be able to do something favored as driving a car, visiting places is preferred, choose accommodation and choose the desired food. If he is given a gift such as a visit to the places designated by the organizing body, the accommodation and food types are determined by the parties, he did not get a chance to decide everything on your own. Therefore, intrinsic motivation becomes too low.
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