Essay on Intrinsic motivation

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Intrinsic motivation

Young children are compelled to learn because of their natural curiosity in life. Older children seem to need a push in the direction to learn. This describes the two types of motivation. Intrinsic motivation describes the young child. It is motivation from within and the desire someone feels to complete a task, including natural curiosity. Intrinsic motivation is anything we do to motivate ourselves without rewards from an outside source. “In relation to learning, one is compelled to learn by a motive to understand, originating from their own curiosity” (Rehmke-Ribary, 2003 p.intrinsic).
There are different things a teacher can do to trigger this type of motivation in students. “Some examples of
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Grades are probably the most positive example of extrinsic motivation.
Many students are driven by grades for higher education and future jobs. When rewards such as candy and toys are used to gain student motivation it can be considered bribery.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

At the basis of motivation there are many factors that may not been seen right away. One must take a look at physiological reasons for motivation. How do we get students to their fullest potential? Abraham Maslow introduced the concept of self-actualization. This is the idea that we use our abilities to our fullest potential. If we can convince our students that they are capable of fulfilling their goals then they are on their way to self-efficacy. (Elliot, 2000 p.335). Self-actualization is the highest goal to reach in motivation. It is placed at the top of Maslow’s pyramid called the hierarchy of needs. This pyramid includes five needs that must be met before self-actualization can develop. The idea of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is that if basic needs are not met, motivation cannot occur. The first need is physiological needs. These are things such as hunger and sleep. If these needs are not met, a student’s motivation is dominantly focused on these things. The next need up on the pyramid is safety needs. These needs
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