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Resume of Sulistiawaty "Ellison" Mobile : 0401 725 095
4 Watervista Close, The Vines WA 6069 Email :

Summary : A dedicated Administrative Assistant with several years of experiences in both General and Legal industries. Served as the primary contact for liaison between Management, Sales Person, Clients and other relevant Authorities. Maintained the business relations through written and oral communication skills, problem solving abilities, an eye for detail and high level confidentiality. Equally effected on any paced of working environment and culture

Past Employment Experiences:

1. Ray White (Uxcel) Morley
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Held as Conveyancig/Settlement Secretary to the Conveyancing Lawyer and Manager in handling al the duties related to buying, selling and refiancing of properties.

▪ Processed all documentations pertaining to property management from the initial stage until the settlement stage;

▪ Liaised with clients directky for signing the relevant documents for their selling or buying or refinancing transactions;

▪ Liaised with the Property Agents in charged for clients property transactions;

▪ Processed and managed documentation correspondent with the Financial Institutions or Housing Department for settlement transactions

▪ Issued receipts to clients and processed money order for the necessary parties prior settlement of completion;

▪ Monitored clients monies, such as the Stamp Duties and Deposits in the Clients Account prior to completion;

▪ Collected documents from all the relevant Financial Institutions and Housing Department for clients ' and the solicitor 's signatory;

▪ Prepared pre and post settlement documentations prior to settlement of the transactions;

▪ Monitored and worked on strict deadlines for settlements; and

▪ Safe-kept of documents
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