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Intro/ overview This is the cultural perspective of the people of India. India is part of South Asia. The residents of india live in varying settings including rural and urban. Gender ratio: 123.2 males per 100 females. Median age: 35.8 years. Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil. The top three religions are Hinduism, Catholicism, and Sikhism. (Indian Ethnicity and Background, n.d.) India has a complex caste system based on Hinduism. Hindus believe in reincarnation which is the basis for the caste system. Castes are hierarchical; each caste has a different status in society and access to power. Castes have their own subcultures, dialects and specific deities. (India, 2008) Gender roles in Indian families are…show more content…
It is a traditional belief that pregnancy is a normal physiologic phenomenon that does not require any intervention by healthcare professionals. Thus, only in the event of a problem is a visit to a doctor warranted. During the entire childbearing period, the elder women of the family and/or community may provide information, guidance, and assistance. There is a fatalistic view about health which prevails in pregnancy and birth. However, it is still recommended that Indian women receive three or more visits during pregnancy. It is estimated that only 52% of women follow these recommendations. The health care provider may be a doctor, a nurse midwife or other health personnel. In 2005 the global estimate of maternal mortality indicate that more than half a million women died due to pregnancy related causes. If the woman has access to healthcare, she will receive information about pregnancy from her healthcare provider. However, if the woman does not have health care then she receives pregnancy information from family and the community. Generally prenatal care is scarce. There is a general belief in India about eating hot and cold foods during pregnancy. Cold foods are seen as beneficial, and hot foods are seen as harmful. This belief is based on the thought that pregnancy brings hotness and cold foods bring balance. Food- The general belief, however, is that hot foods are harmful and cold foods

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