Intro to Anatomy

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Chapter 1
The Human Body: An Orientation

Multiple Choice

The correct sequence of levels forming the structural hierarchy is (c) Chemical, cellular, tissue, organ, organ system, organismal

The structural and functional unit of life is (a) cell

Which of the following is a major functional characteristic of all organisms? (e) all of these

Two of these organ systems bear the major responsibility for ensuring homeostasis of the internal environment. Whichtwo? (a)nervous system and (d) endocrine system

In (a)-(e), a directional term is followed by elbow/wrist. In each case, choose the structures or locations. In each case, choose the structure or organ that matches
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Nutrients – it contains the chemical substance used for energy and cell building.

Oxygen – All nutrients in the world are useless unless oxygen is also available.

Water – Accounts for 60-80% of our body weight and is the single most abundant chemical substance in the body.

Normal Body Temperature – For chemical reactions to continue at life-sustained rates, normal body temperature must be maintained.

Atmospheric Pressure – The force that air exerts on the surface of the body.

Define homeostasis.
A state of body equilibrium or stable internal environment of the body

Compare and contrast the operation of negative and positive feedback mechanisms in maintaining homeostasis. Provide two examples of variable control by negative feedback mechanisms and one example of a process regulated by a positive feedback mechanism. Two examples
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