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1. If an endangered species such as the Santa River Woolly Star were to become extinct, what effects might this have on other species?
The community of organisms will be greatly affected if the Santa River Woolly Star were to become extinct. The Woolly Star is an interwoven strand in a crossing of organisms that are all dependent upon one another for survival. The Woolly Star also stabilizes the sand after flooding which has a [positive effect on other organisms.
2. What do the J- and S- shaped population curves indicate about the life span of an organism?
Organisms that live in a temporary habitat are examples of J shape growth curve. J shape growth curve indicates that the organisms outgrow the amount of resources available and death
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2. If nature previously recycled nutrients using forest fires as the mechanism, why must we use “prescribed burns” to accomplish the same results today?
Today due to controlling forest fires in the past overgrown shrubs now affect trees. Prescribed burnings are conducted to replenish nutrients into the soil while protecting the trees themselves. Prescribed burning is less hot and less intense so that it can be controlled.
3. What are the similarities and differences between the function of the decomposers and the effects of periodic fires
Decomposers and Fires both are the exchange agents of nutrients within an ecosystem. The differences are that the decomposers work naturally whereas fire is now controlled through prescribed burnings.
4. Can energy be recycled?
Energy is recycled through the breakdown and return of nutrients back into the soil. This process occurs in a number of ways including the return of nitrogen into the air.
5. Why do ecological pyramids have a wide base and a narrow tip?
The ecological pyramid tip is represented by the energy derived from the sun. The energy from the sun is filtered through vegetation and as it goes through the pyramid it is accessed by more and more sources.
6. What are some of the methods used to study weather patterns? Do you think the data collected can help to predict future climatic conditions?
Meteorologists study weather patterns by

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