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Part I. Identify the term associated with each definition/example. Adds the first 2 numbers in column A | =SUM(A1:A2) | Clip art | Collection of electronic drawings, photos, and other images | Word wrap | Allows users to type words in a paragraph continually without pressing the enter key at the end of the line | records | A city, a state code, a zip code | spreadsheet | Allows users to organize data in rows and columns and perform calculations and recalculate when data changes. | Absolute reference | $E$6 | cell | Intersection of a row and a column | move | Move a paragraph from one location to another in a document | ample | The word, large, is used often in a document; find another word similar in meaning to the word, …show more content…
ompleted assignment to your instructor | Word processor | Generate a set of mailing labels | Database | Create an inventory list of all your Movie DVDs | spreadsheet | Prepare your bowling league standings (includes wins, loses, percentages) | database | Add, edit, or delete student data | presentation | Microsoft PowerPoint | Operating system | Load a program into primary storage | spreadsheet | Create a line graph to display sales data for the past four years | None of the above (web browser) | Review the spring course schedule on Oakton’s website | database | Display a list of students who are taking CIS101-008 and have a GPA ≥3.5 | database | Where the data is stored that is displayed on | Word processor | Microsoft Word | Operating system | Zip or compress one or more files in an attempt to shrink the file size | spreadsheet | Used to keep track of all the financial transaction in a business such as all items purchased, all bills paid, and all payroll calculations | Operating system | Microsoft Windows | spreadsheet | Microsoft Excel | None of the above (web page authoring) | Develop a website | database | Microsoft Access | None of the above (paint/image editing) | Edit digital photos such as remove red eye or remove blemishes | spreadsheet | Relative cell references | None of the above (web browser) | Allows users to access and view Web pages on the Internet | None of the above (project management) | Allows

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