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My Cousin Vinny
Tracy Brown
Florida Institute of Technology

My Cousin Vinny
This week we were asked to watch a movie called My Cousin Vinny and compare this to the actual Criminal Justice System. I want to start off by saying the portrayal of the Criminal Justice System was much different than what we see it in real life. I really enjoyed the comedy that was displayed around it. The movie was based around two teenagers who were suspected of murdering a gas station attendant. This movie takes place in Alabama. The first similarity I noticed is that the movie depicted the due process model. In which they were allowed a complete trial to determine true guilt. It seemed as though the sheriff’s office
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12) Once this is complete they are taken to the correctional facility to be housed. In most cases they are stripped of their personal clothing and issued state jail suits. In the movie this didn’t happen immediately. The two boys were then placed in the same cell together which I thought personally was quite odd. The fact is I don’t think many jails would place suspects of the same crime together. The lawyer that they chose to represent them was very inexperienced. In most murder cases the lawyer that you would hire should have more experience than what Vinny had. The next step in the system is initial appearance. Here they are given formal notice of the charges against them and advised of their rights.(Bohm & Haley, 2008, p. 13) The movie included this in their depiction of the criminal justice system. In the movie they called it the arraignment. The arraignment is where the defendant either pleads guilty or not guilty. During this stage the bail is also set which was also done in the movie. In the movie the set the preliminary hearing for the next morning in which the witnesses testified to what they saw and heard. This allows the judge to decide if there is probable cause to make and indictment. Based upon the information we have learned it seems that the arraignment should have happened after the preliminary hearing and that the

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