Intro to Crisis Counseling Notes

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Intro to Crisis Counseling Acute Stress and Trauma Readiness never takes a day off. You have to be settled in your faith. Combat trauma (shell shock) is what most original trauma studies were based on. Combat trauma has been a reality since the beginning of time. David killed his 10’s of thousands and he had combat trauma. You can see it in the Psalms and how he worked through it as he gave his heart to the Lord. 4 great analogies of the Bible: Farming Fishing Athletics Military How we deal with military trauma, extends across the whole group of trauma sufferers. And the principles will apply broadly. A lot of suffering and trauma in our church is hidden. We should be ready at a split second in the church to help our…show more content…
400,000 untreated cases of PTSD from previous wars. 1 in 5 returning solders from Iraq & Afghanistan suffer from PTSD or major depression 760,000 are homeless by the last census. ¼ are said to be veterans. It si thought that 70% of those homeless veterans have some form of PTSD. After Vietnam, it was 7-10 years before seeing them homeless. Now only 3-4 years. Vietnam vets had it hard not by aspects of war but also because of an un-appreciating nation that called them horrible names. The national will is so important. More supportive this time of the actual troops despite how they feel about this war. The family is unraveling. Divorce and suicide rates are up in the military. 121 suicides, 2 of them chaplains. 2100 army troops attempted suicide (over 5 a

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