Essay about Intro to Human Resources

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Some information about the exam: * 40 questions * All multiple choice * 5% of questions originate from videos, 10% from assigned articles, 90% from lecture slides and book Example questions: 1. This job analysis tool uses the following scales to rate the importance of tasks: extent of use, amount of time, importance to the job, and possibility of occurrence. A. Fleishman B. Position Analysis Questionnaire C. O*Net D. Job Element Inventory 2. Your company is currently faced with a labor shortage. You need to correct the situation, but want to choose an option that is fast, yet can be “undone” when the shortage goes away (revocability). Of the following options, which one…show more content…
* People, planet, profit * Refer to pg. 18 of the article, exhibit 4 Job Analysis * The components that comprise job descriptions * List every dimension of the job * List every task within each dimension * Rate all of these tasks according to importance * The components that comprise job specifications * Come up with the KSAO’s needed to perform the most important tasks * Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other characteristics * Definitions * Knowledge: know what; Skills: know how; Abilities: can do; Other: personality, experience * What

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