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Describe human services from the early 1900s to the present day.

Throughout History Human Services made a big impact and a difference in our society as we know it today. Through the sociological era in the 1900's many were faced with challenges such as financial support for the poor and no support or guidance for the children, developmentally disabled and the mentally ill. Human Services make positive and lasting differences in peoples' lives, and they help improve the world.
The early 1900's, sometimes called the sociological era, continued the period of social reform. During this time there were two significant events that affected the history of helping and human services. The first was the development of a new profession
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The philosophy of welfare during the 1900's was welfare provides a way for mothers to stay home and raise their children. It is okay if that process takes many years. During this time there were many unemployed and receiving services. However there were many changes to the welfare reform. The National Mental Health Act of 1946 was created to address preventative measures. In early 1960' s President Kennedy renewed government's commitment to serving the needy. President Lyndon Johnson declared "War on Poverty" after Michael Harrington and others discovered The Other America,specific groups of people who had not benefited from the general post war prosperity. War on Poverty resulted in a number of programs that are still important today;Community Action, Head Start, Employment and training programs, Medicare/Medicaid, and Food Stamps. President Kennedy and Johnson chose to focus on the problems of mental health and mental retardation. The Community Mental Health Centers act of 1963 was established to provide services to the population, including inpatient and outpatient care, emergency services, assistance to courts and services for the mental health of children and the elderly.(History of Helping: Content Guide.H.) The "Republican Shift").
With the Mental Health Centers arising there became more of need for these individuals to get the treatment they needed. In 1966, the first human services program was established at Purdue

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