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Introduction to Intellectual Disability (ID) Introduction to Intellectual Disability (ID) Kimberly Fox Grand Canyon University: SPE-351 May 23, 2013 Introduction to Intellectual Disability (ID) When learning about Intellectual Disability (ID) it is important to explore the subject with people that work with students of ID. The (SPED) special education team placed together for a student in order to determine the students individual education plan (IEP). This SPED team consist of: Special Educator: Mr. Richard Franklin, General Educator: Ms. Rama Smith (Spelling, Literature), Speech Therapist: Mrs. LuDonna Martin, Principal: Mr. John Denton, Community Organizer and Retired Teacher: Mrs. Nelda Clements and I as the Special…show more content…
He fears that some educators were doing this to get these students out of their classrooms and were using the definition of ID to do it. Ms. Rama the regular classroom educator spoke of her trouble with the definition. She indicated that the definition not only identifies ID, but allowed for other disabilities as well. The definition states that students with mental retardation may be deficient in the following areas: communication, physical care, home environment, social skills, self-direction, community use, health and safety, limited academic ability, leisure and work. If a student has any two of these deficiencies then they qualify as being ID (Thomas, 1996). Both educators expressed a similar problem with the classification of students with ID. The classification of students with ID is not universal, meaning that a student from another state could have mild/moderate ID and not be identified according to that states classification. This can lead to a student not getting the assistance that they need. They expressed that it would better serve students with ID if one set of classification were used in the entire United States. When it came time to speak with the educators about the characteristics of ID they had very few concerns. The

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