Intro to Pc Operating System Chapter1

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Chapter 1: Introducing Operating Systems TRUE/FALSE 1. The operating system manages each and every piece of hardware and software. T 2. An operating system is a special type of hardware. F 3. The Memory Manager, the Interface Manager, the User Manager, and the File Manager are the basis of all operating systems. T 4. Networking was not always an integral part of operating systems. T 5. The Memory Manager is in charge of main memory, also known as ROM. F 6. The high-level portion of the Process Manager is called the Process Scheduler. F 7. The Device Manager monitors every device, channel, and control unit. T 8. The File Manager is responsible for data files but not program files. F 9. When the Processor…show more content…
__d__ means that several logical records are grouped within one physical record. a.|Grouping|c.|Combining| b.|Fixing|d.|Blocking| 16. In second-generation computers, to reduce the discrepancy in speed between the I/O and the CPU, an interface called the __a__ was placed between them to act as a buffer. a.|control unit|c.|holder| b.|scheduler|d.|buffer manager| 17. The most common mechanism for implementing multiprogramming was the introduction of the _d___ concept, which is when the CPU is notified of events needing operating systems services. a.|paging|c.|messaging| b.|sharing|d.|interrupt| 18. A system with __a__ divides programs into parts and keep them in secondary storage, bringing each part into memory only as it is needed. a.|virtual memory|c.|segmented processing| b.|shared memory|d.|passive multiprogramming| 19. The __b__ is used to indicate that a program is permanently held in ROM (read only memory), as opposed to being held in secondary storage. a.|hardware|c.|software| b.|firmware|d.|shareware| 20. The overwhelming demand for __c__ capability in the mid-1990s sparked the proliferation of networking capability. a.|e-mail|c.|Internet| b.|processing|d.|FTP| 21. A typical ___b_ computer houses devices to perform audio, video, and graphic creation and editing. a.|multiprocessor|c.|networked| b.|multimedia|d.|PDA| 22. __c__ is the partitioning of a single server, each of which can

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