Intro to Sociology Essay

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SOC, 2nd Edition by Niki Benokraitis Study Worksheet – Chapter 1 Answer Key Thinking Like a Sociologist Matching Match the person or term with the appropriate description in the table below. |Max Weber |E |Macrosociology |I |Symbolic Interactionism |M | |Karl Marx |D |W.E.B. DuBois |G |Conflict Theory |K | |Empirical |B |Microsociology |H |Feminist Theory |L | |Émile Durkheim |C |Sociological imagination |F |Functionalism…show more content…
| |A |This theorist believed that information about the social world should come not from beliefs or intuition but from direct, | | |observable facts. | |I |If sociologists study large scale social patterns, such as differences in income or an analysis of social policies, they are | | |taking this broad approach. | |E |This social theorist argued that, while the economic organization of a society was important, ideas and beliefs were also | | |important in determining how society is organized. | |M |This micro-level theoretical perspective argues that social organization is the result of our everyday behavior. It focuses on the| | |way we create meaning through symbols (such as styles of dress or language). | |D |This social theorist argued that the economic
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