Intro to Sociology

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Intro to Sociology – 1/28 Book: Sidewalk by Dunier Available in NYU Bookstore March 13 – Midterm Exam 30% of Grade May 15 – Final Exam (8 in the Morning) Courses are central to the idea of concept & ideas. Readings and course as whole might test hypothesis like pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall (No M/C, small essays). What is a Social Science? Empirical, Systematic, Conceptual. There are other realms that people think like how people believe what a society is; i.e religion, theology -> tests ethics of morality. Philosophy tries to derive truths about social relationships by deducing premises as opposed to social science. Empirical means evidence is based on experience, instead of having holy text,…show more content…
Smart? We know our context Is this triangle time? There was this girl who was studying 4th grade students. The teacher held an object and asked “what is this?” These students were shouting out answers. Some answered a “sail of a sailboat, A block, etc. “ These answers are correct and incorrect. The true answer was the answer that should be given now. The answer was a triangle. If this was an art class., these would acceptable creative classes, but because Ms. Jones was teaching geometric concepts. The answer was a triangle. The right answer is the capacity is to know the social concept without doing the thinking. Just knowing that this was a triangle, then that is a talented child. Microscope to the Child Consciousness. Macroscope on Soc 1, Cantor: Social Class: Where did we come from? Hierarchy? (Domination?) Professor is always top. We are a brick in the wall. It is because of the bureaucratic way of NYU that allows this. Government :(grants, loans, civil liberties, no guns). Environment: just right (70-74 degrees) In NYU Accra, the temperature does not get regulated like here. This isn’t a night club, but a proper environment for learning. Corporations: Trustees, donations (who is Mr. Cantor and Mrs. Cantor?) The Sociological Imagination by C. Wright Mills Mills is saying that to have S.I. is to understand that link. To understand the link between the Macro and the Micro. What up with
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