Introduce Vasavi Case

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Introduce Vasavi (Vee) from Architecture. Will be taking over from Marshall.
Accurint: Would like us to do a paid trial to get full use of all their search capabilities.
Go over the Pro vs Con list of the paid-for trial.
• Would like to get feedback/thoughts from the team on this. They proposed a 3- 6 month trial. There are some really positive reasons to go with a paid trial and there are negatives too. o Link to 11 6 15 Accurint Pro vs Con list for paid trial
• TLOxp’s standard trial period is 7 days (but they said they could be flexible if we needed a little extra). No additional charges
• Paid trial will mean a longer testing time that should also ultimately help to drive more accurate usage. More accurate usage drives better pricing.
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One way to look at the paid trial is we would have something established in house to use right away once the decision is made.
Sue: if we have these vendors in house (testing/trials) and runs through August we would be running 2 programs simultaneously.
Jen: Asked if anyone has an opposition to doing a 3 month trial.
Vee: asked about the plan for both vendors.
Sue: We would have to work logistics or having TLOxp and Accurint the same time.
Kelly: If we were to receive a quote based on CLEAR’s usage it would not be a true reflection of our usage needs. Described the very common process with CLEAR of users having to run multiple searches for the same person to get required data. The usage numbers from CLEAR are very inflated. A longer trial would help us get true usage for better pricing.
Jen: asked if there was any opposition to the paid trial?
Sue: It would obviously have to be approved but does not oppose as we would be able to gather very good information.

Kelly: Selection of the vendor: if we went with a 3 month trial. Could start each month looking at the feedback from the users and have ongoing communication with vendors. When nearing the end of 1st trial prepare so the next would be a smoother
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