Introducing Miss Bennet, Unique Heroine

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In the book Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen decided to make Elizabeth Bennet the central character. Elizabeth is the second eldest of the Bennet sisters and from the very beginning of the book; we can sense that the whole plot in the story is based around her. Therefore, we can suggest that there are many reasons to think that Elizabeth is the heroine in Pride and Prejudice. However, I believe that before arguing on this idea, we must define the concept of heroine. When we talk about the heroine of a story, we usually expect a woman who is brave, courageous, trustworthy and has many other positive qualities, depending on what she does. This makes the reader like the heroine more than any other character in the story. However, the question…show more content…
Just the fact that she refused Mr. Collins’ proposal would have been a very big issue in those days, as that would have made both Mr. Collins and her family’s reputation suffer. However, the way in which she refused him is what should impress the reader the most because she shames Mr. Collins completely and in a very witty way too. This shows how she isn’t afraid of anything like this, which again proves that she is a good heroine. Her role as a heroine wouldn’t be as well done if she were scared of talking to men because that wouldn’t make her anymore special than any of the other heroines in those days. Despite all her good qualities, we must say that Elizabeth does have some negative ones too. For example, sometimes she is too much of a risk taker and puts in danger thing like her reputation and her future. Elizabeth dares to talk to Lady Catherine de Bourgh in a direct and cool manner, showing less respect than Mrs. De Bourgh is used to and is even capable of deciding not to accept her ladyship’s demand of never marrying Darcy. Catherine de Bourgh notices this and says, in page 335, chapter 56: “Miss Bennet, do you know who I am? I have not been accustomed to such language as this”. This can be seen as positive, as it is showing how Elizabeth is opinionated and strong-minded. Although it isn’t very clever because she is talking to one of the most influential and wealthiest people in the country and it would be

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