Introducing New Coke Case Analysis

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Student name: Md Asif Student number: 997345706 Date: 08/09/2014 INTRODUCING NEW COKE CASE ANALYSIS
Background: Coca-Cola was invented by a pharmacist by the name of John Styth Pemberton, in 1885 the brand was registered as a trademark. In 1892 Candler formed the Coca-Cola company in Atlanta, later it was sold to Ernest woodruff for $25 million. Under the leadership of Robert Winship Woodruff, Coca-Cola became a household name. During the early 1920 's Coca-Cola faced some financial problem due the increasing price of syrup and the revolt from the bottlers, share prices fell from $40 to $18. Later this problem was resolved and Coke became an icon in American pop culture. Coke was a part of life for many Americans. In 1937 Woodruff had the opportunity to purchase Pepsi-Cola for a nominal fee, but refused to do so. By 1940 Coke had expanded all over the world serving in 155 countries. Coca-Cola kept its lead as the number one cola company in the world throughout the fifties, Coke create massive Ad campaigns, catchy slogans like, "It 's the real thing" , songs that sold over 1 million copies. Woodruff kept Coke on a path of continuous expansion and diversification. In 1964 Coke purchased Duncan food corporation and minute maid which was known as the Coca-Cola foods division. Other expansions included product diversification, such as Sprite in

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