Essay about Introducing the New Coke

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HBR Case Study: “Introducing New Coke”

1. What is the case about?

This case study is the story of Coca-Cola, its history and the report about one of the most fascinating stories about the company this is still regarded by many as a mysterious case: “the introduction of the new Coke”.

The author Susan Fournier, in the case study went on by presenting the history of the Coca-Cola Company: how the company started and how throughout its history it became a brand, a part of everyone’s life both nationally and globally. Anecdotes and little stories were told about how Coca-Cola became a part of the American Culture, it how it changed the way consumers around the world perceived the Christmas holiday (Coca-Cola Classic
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By connecting to their consumers constantly and effectively through excellent advertising, Coca-Cola was able to provide brand loyalty. With diversification within the company’s products, the brand was able to stay relevant throughout time.

Coca-Cola meanings came from various sources, most notably the changes in the culture in the United States in the 1900s. The company quickly adapted to the social and cultural changes like pop culture; throughout artwork, they were able to reach the heart of America’s youth. The company was able to take advantage of the current events; most notably the world war which helped the company’s being global.

The story of coke and Santa Claus was a strong example of how Coke’s meanings made a connection to Christmas and forever associated itself with America’s youth. In the early 1900s, Santa Claus was represented in various ways to the American audience: the saint was illustrated in blue, yellow or green; sometimes he was tall or was an elf. Coca-Cola hired an artist, Haddon Sundblom, who, in 1931, created the Coca-Cola classic Santa Claus. The caricature presented everything about the brand: it was bigger than life and joyful. With his illustrations and those awaited yearly Christmas ads, the artist and Coca-Cola shaped the way we, the consumers view Santa today.

4. What was Pepsi’s meaning management game? Was it really a threat to Coke? How should have responded to Pepsi’s
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