Introduction. A Code Of Ethics Is A Formal Statement Of

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Introduction A code of ethics is a formal statement of what your business prospects in the way of ethical behavior. Ethics and its unique social function to influence the development of an organization. In the organization, ethics as a correction of people 's behavior and soft interpersonal constraints, it can make employees clear justice and injustice and a series of independent moral and moral boundaries, so as to have a clear view of right and wrong, good and evil, improve the efficiency of moral standards. Of course, the ethic codes can be divided into different aspects from various points. The first way can be divided into three areas: the first is the code of business ethics, the second is the employee code of conduct, the last one…show more content…
To achieve this, the organization may consider launching advertising or activities that insist on this element, such as charity, environmental protection, and care for vulnerable groups. That will have a significant impact on raising public interest The Property Principle No matter from which point of view, the guideline of property rights is the center of individual and social welfare and is a definitive paradigm for testing any ethical framework. Property can be divided into two categories: tangible and intangible. Stealing and encroachment of tangible property is contrary to this principle, so it is forbidden. With the development of the times, intangible property is becoming more and more important in our lives, and the definition of theft is changed. The most obvious is intellectual property. Respecting the property of others and respecting the rights of those who own it, once the enterprise violates this principle, the company 's credibility will have a significant negative impact and the need to pay a huge fine. There are some cases where the main shareholders will choose to divest, and then the enterprise will be very dangerous. On the contrary, respect for the property of others and their rights can attract more customers and investors, the enterprise has a strong positive impact. The Reliability Principle The reliable principle this implies

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