Introduction. A Sociology Theory Developed By Anthony Giddens,

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A sociology theory developed by Anthony Giddens, the theory of structuration, notes that when evaluating social structure both the macro and micro level activity must be considered. Human agency and social structure are in relationship with one another and the repetition of an individual’s behavior produces structure (Gauntlett, 2002). Traditions, moral codes, or established ways of doing things are the foundations of social structures, but according to Giddens, these structures can be changed when people begin to ignore them, replace them, or reproduce them differently (Gauntlett, 2002). Structure and behavior are intertwined and people can become dependent on existing structures or way of doing things. However, social
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According to Spellbrink (2013), the new method, loosely grounded in scripture which is often taken out of context, becomes the rule and is repeated until it becomes a permanent part of the culture of the church. Often these worship traditions are not necessarily written down, but are only in our heads. None the less, people can be shocked when these traditions are not adhered to (Gibbs, 2013).
In some cases worshippers may not agree with or particularly like a particular tradition or way of doing things, but perpetuate the tradition by continuing to take part in the behavior or activity (Laird Brenton & Driskill, 2010). Still others take for granted the structures within the church, never questioning the why behind what is done. However, according to the theory of structuration people have a choice to change their behavior and tradition by doing something different. “The point of change is the time when the unconscious structure moves to conscious questioning, and a time when a new structuration process, over the years, may create a new taken-for-granted reality” (Laird Brenton & Driskill, 2010). This means people can actively participate in creating new structures.
Structuration and Golden Valley Lutheran
Evaluating and assessing the social structures and traditions of Golden Valley Lutheran Church (GVLC), for the purposes of this paper will focus on worship and how the theory of structuration and social structures impact
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