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According to the NASW Code of Ethics for licensed Social Workers, Social Work is clarified as the attention to environmental forces, which creates, contributes, and addresses problems in living, among individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities, with a goal of reducing discrimination, oppression, poverty, and other forms of social injustice (NASW, 2008). It is discomforting to think of a world alleviated from the security upheld by the profession of Social Work, with it being an increasingly demanding role that has erupted far beyond its former reputation, and becoming nearly equivalent to the importance to a society functioning without the protection of law enforcement.
Abramovitz (1998) discusses his
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Resulting in "systems," "transactional," "person-in-situation," "empowerment," and other practice theories emphasize the relationship between social conditions and the quality of life for individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. The history of the profession suggests that social workers direct social work to individual growth, causing social change, which has proposed a more ethical option than practicing nonpolitical social work. (1998, p.512-526)
Social Work is an occupation that once was assumed in a negative view to the uneducated and misinformed, as being “baby snatchers,” yet over time; the role has established its status, displaying significance, and competence, by advocating for individuals, children, families, and groups. It is clear that this profession is highly qualified when addressing the needs of adults and children, and social problems that arise, by offering qualities that generate from a magnitude of Social Work values, principles, and standards.
The level of impact imposed by Social Workers is significantly greater than what was once given credit for, while at the same time, it has become a common occupation. The role particularly displays as an essential in school systems throughout childhood education. Occupational statistics, in accordance to 21-1021 Child, Family, and School Social Workers indicate that Social Workers provide services and assistance, to improve the social and psychological functioning of children

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