Introduction. An Earthquake Is The Shaking Of The Earth’S

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An earthquake is the shaking of the earth’s surface, resulting from the sudden release of energy, which creates seismic waves within the earth’s lithosphere. One of the most dangerous and most destructive natural occurrences on Earth is known as earthquakes. Earthquakes are sudden violent shakings of the Earth’s ground. Earthquakes are sudden vibrations in the surface of the Earth caused by the force and pulling of rocks between faults. Each earthquake is different and can range in size from weak ones, which cannot be felt, to violent enough to destroy whole cities and people. The seismic activity of an earthquake refers to the frequency type and size of the area in which an earthquake can occur, experienced over a period.
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The ultimate cop of the universe is an earthquake it can declare a natural disaster.
Vibrations at the surface are known as earthquakes set up by forces within the earth or created by human involvement in somethings can cause he ground to shake. The fun fact about earthquakes is that they are all different and thus every earthquake can feed off the intense energy in which it is experiencing during its duration. The energy that is being used as fuel for the quake will raise the seismic waves and can make the severity of the quake increases dramatically which in turn will cause the quake to do great harm to buildings, cities, and even the people of those areas. Earthquakes can be very powerful in terms of the destruction and damage that can occur during the presence of one. One of the main goals of scientists and people who study earthquakes is to if whether, or not there is a real way to protect one’s self and his or her property from being destroyed in the process of the quake. Some of the ways in which an earthquake could occur naturally are: slippages along the fault planes, landslides, gravity waves, cracking of the earth’s surface, ground water effects, seismic sea waves. There have been two really, exemplified earthquakes that historians discuss in the book Earthquakes by Nicholas Hunter Heck. According to Heck the first of the two quakes that is fairly common occurred east of

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