Introduction. Analysing And Comparing The Gothic Elements

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INTRODUCTION ANALYSING and comparing the Gothic elements between Poe 's The Tell Tale Heart and Wilde 's The Canterville Ghost Ghost The soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons. A disembodied soul; especially : the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world or to appear to the living in bodily likeness. A false image in a photographic negative or on a television screen caused especially by reflection. The Gothic And Literature The gothic novel refer to stories that have combination of elements from horror and romanticism.The gothic novel have the elements like supernatural events ,or even that…show more content…
He kill the man just because of his “evil eyes” but after killing he feel guilty . Wilde’s The Cantervilla ghost “ The cantervilla ghost “ is a short story by Oscar wilde ,it was the first of wilde’s story that was published . The story is about a family who shifted to a castle which was haunted by the ghost of a nobleman , who killed his wife amd was starved to death by wife’s brother. The ghost story as a genre Ghost story belong to the genre of horror literature and give the purpose of scaring the reader and situations that cause horror or fear. After reading in my opinion the main theme are death ,evil and ancient prophecies . It is a horror story and horror stories was born in 19th century because at that time there was interest for the fantastic and supernatural elements in the circle as the intellectual. The literature of 18th and 19th century introduce us from the gothic revival. What ghost is …. The main character of the ghost stories is the ghost of course. It is a legendary being. It is an incorporeal presence that is usually covered by a bed sheet or without head; it produces a clang noise and sometimes is surrounded by a strange light. Other features are the appearances during the night and in isolate places (castles or roads). The word ghost in the past meant supernatural appearance, but now it has the meaning of the appearance of a died person. This is an element

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