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Introduction and Action Research Durga Reddy Koranda Wilmington University Introduction and Action Research AppLabSystems is an IT services company and a solution provider for wide spectrum of verticals in the industry. AppLabSystems mainly focuses on the Telecom, Healthcare, Banking and Manufacturing domains. At AppLabSystems people do work on implementation, support and maintenance of the projects at all levels. AppLabSystems our mission is to build productive partnerships with clients and help them achieve greater success by providing the best in knowledge, skills, solutions and services. “Our focus is on providing value-based solutions for our clients that deliver exceptional customer experience, and to do so in a cost effective way…show more content…
With the existing 7+ experience I have, I would like extend my services to help the teams in solving the tasks assigned to me. At the same time I am looking forward to learn new things from the teams and my supervisors. I also look forward to extend my great support to the project I am assigned to solve any ongoing issues with the help of Action Research methodologies. At AppLabSystems I will be responsible for the end to end development of the assigned task. I will be working on the requirement analysis which includes collecting the requirements from the business teams and converting them into the technical requirements to be able to convey to my technical teams. I will be involved in designing the application modules as per the requirements, developing the modules, Supporting the testing teams and also responsible for the successful delivery of the project assigned to me. Action Research According to Hayes. R. G (2012), Action Research (AR) is described as a process of learning by doing in other words it is a form of research that take actions for both solving a problem and learning from it. Action Research can also be defined as a process of continuously taking feedback while performing something action or while researching something new. According to Avison. D., Lau. F., Myers. M., & Nielsen. A. P. (1999), AR methodology is stated as continuous iterative process, where a certain rotation needs to be followed starting from “problem diagnosis, action
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