Introduction And Background Of The Uk Technology Market

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Introduction and Background
The UK technology market is very profitable and ever evolving, out of which Apple has taken one of the largest shares of the market. The UK technology market is an ever-growing industry with a constant need for expansion due to the high levels of demand for technological products. As of mid 2013, the total value of the UK technology market was estimated to be approximately £81 billion.
Apple is an important segment within the UK technological market. Apple owns one of the largest percentages of shares in this market at 42.5%. Its market share had increased by 40% over the year, not only in the UK, but also across the other remaining four of the largest markets in Europe being Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Apple substantially achieved a percentage of 20.7% smartphone market share within those markets, with the highest gains being in the UK. This is where Apple had reached 39.5% of all sales, the highest level that has ever been assigned to Apple in the UK according to a market research division in the UK, Kantar. This also resulted in an increase of 35.7% of shares over the year ago quarter.
In the last quarter of 2013, Apple has managed to sell 14.1 million ipads, 33.8 million iphones and approximately 4.6 million macs. All these new gadgets helped Apple to generate an enormous amount of $37.5 billion in revenue resulting in a huge profit of $7.5 billion. The full year results for Apple showed that they secured overall revenue of $171…
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