Introduction And Background Study On Wireless Communication

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Introduction and Background Study Wireless communication types are such that electro-magnetic waves are used for the transmission of signals, as opposed to the traditional wires. This is done over some parts of the path used for communication or the entire system used for communication (Tiarawut, 2013). In addition to communication tools, some systems used for purposes of monitoring are also categorized as wireless and some of them include alarms, which are meant to detect intruders to a given place. Recall the fact that in order to effectively capture such acts as intrusion, a lot of confidentiality should be accorded the system in place so that the target group does not tamper with it. However, such system will not be the basis of this paper, as it seeks to explain the small business network type of wireless connection. The pioneering wireless forms of transmitters were put into use in the early periods of the 20th century by use of a Morse code. Thereafter, when modulation made it such that it was an easy task to relay voices, as well as musical appeals over the wireless systems, the term radio was adopted for use in the description of the medium used. The increased and successful use of the spectrum has revived the use of wireless connections, and this has been facilitated by the introduction of data based forms of communication, as well as such aspects as the television use. In the case of business entities, such as the one of focus in this paper, the choice of the
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