Introduction And Company Profile Of Canadian Natural Resources

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Paragraph 1: Introduction and Company Profile “To develop people to work together and create value for the Company 's shareholders by doing it right with fun and integrity." Canadian Natural Resources is one of the world’s largest independent Oil and Natural Gas Supplier Company. Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. supplies crude oil and natural gases. As the years went by, Canadian Natural Resources made many advancements but the company officially started off as a shallow gas basin. The company was founded in 1989 in Calgary and Alberta, Canada. There is no specific founder of this company but there are many staff members that put all their effort into the work to make Canadian Natural Resources what it is today. Canadian Natural Resources has many locations. Many of them are in Alberta except for one; Fort St. John which is located in British Columbia, Canada. The company has been going on for around 27 strong years. They have made a 74% improvement over the past 5 years but there have been many oil spills in the past which has led to very big decreases in their stock prices and sales. Canadian Natural Resources is trying their absolute best to achieve their vision even through tough times. Paragraph 2: Problem Not every company is perfect. All companies have their ups and their downs throughout the years. Although the company has been doing great for the past 27 years, they also have had many oil spills which is harming our economy. Just in 4 months, there were 4

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