Introduction And Executive Summary : Renewable Energy

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Introduction and Executive Summary

At the present time, renewable energy is a tendency in the whole world with consume of petroleum and the environment problem. There are a lot of reasons to let Elbawener to use renewable energy, some of them I list as follows:

First of all, renewable energy is essential to Elbawener 's future economic growth and prosperity in a carbon-constrained world. (Introduction of Renewable energy, CEFC, 2015) This is really a perfect thing for Elbawener. What’s more, renewable energy would help lower Elbawener 's and Australia 's carbon emissions, this is really good for the environment of
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Because there has a large river nearby and the technology of hydroelectric is advanced and stability.

I will list the details of hydroelectric for this city below.

Physical Basis of the Technology
So just how do we get electricity from water? Actually, hydroelectric and coal-fired power plants produce electricity in a similar way. In both cases a power source is used to turn a propeller-like piece called a turbine, which then turns a metal shaft in an electric generator, which is the motor that produces electricity. A coal-fired power plant uses steam to turn the turbine blades; whereas a hydroelectric plant uses falling water to turn the turbine. The results are the same.
Take a look at this diagram of a hydroelectric power plant to see the details: (Hydroelectric power, Howard Perlman, 2015)

As the picture shows above, the principle of hydroelectric is very easy: The fast moving water (kinetic energy) strikes the turbine and they will start moving (mechanical energy) and then the energy is used to run electric generators, and then we could produce power what we need.
There are four parts of a typical hydro-power plant which are Dams, Turbines, Generators, Transmission lines. (Beauty of Hydro-power, 2015)
Dams: The dam is made on a river to collect water and also serves as a water reservoir. To make water have higher potential energy and also control the water flow through pen stocks.
Turbines: Convert the kinetic energy of water into mechanical energy. The
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